Stock service - Tessilidea

Stock service

The service that guarantees the items in stock.

The stock

Articles with
raw, ready for dye, optical white, black fabrics

Running item Silver Collection
voile, poplin, viscose, silk and cottons

Coco Library
mesh nets, lace


A plus that we value a lot because it guarantees the customer the possibility to order at any time the desired fabrics and receive them quickly. Sempre a disposizione, The articles with raw, ready for dye, optical white, black, the running items of the Silver Selection (voile, poplin, viscose, mixed silk and our cottons), nets and raschel laces of Coco Library are always available.

We keep fabrics available in stock on the outgoing lines to allow customers to create prototypes and test our products. For those who want to buy even small quantities we reserve you the opportunity to choose among hundreds of patterns and quality available in stock.

In an increased speed market, the needs go hand in hand. This is why our best selection of fabrics is always available to the customers.