Collection of quality fabrics - Tessilidea EN


Quality method and raw materials: factors that make the difference.

The variants are endless. Colors, patterns, designs and weaves are intertwined with ideas and fashion to create unique fabrics. Our proposal includes shuttle fabrics, piece-dyed, yarn-dyed, embroidery, traditional prints, transfers, digital, flock, devoré, lamina, brinatura and pigment prints, both on Tessilidea’s design, and on customer’s drawings. The strengthened experience allows us to obtain high-level results in relation to some characteristics such as, for example, quality, quality and maintenance performances of fabrics and refined and exclusive designs.

The research on the product, yarns, designs, and finishing is continuous.

The elegance that follows the trends is the guiding thread of excellence that characterizes the Structured Weights line, our best total look offer. The embroidery represents all the declinations of Italian refinement, expressed into lightness, style and quality. Our textile proposals also include prints, in line with the latest market trends.



Structured Weights