Weaving Made in Italy - Tessilidea


A red thread that weaves quality and passion.


There are processes and there are approaches. Tessilidea weaving goes beyond the technical process that weaves simple yarns. This is a complex process that enhances the final product with quality and originality. Our production method is internal and requires compliance with all the rules that make the Made in Italy an excellence recognized all over the world. Tessilidea’s articles are produced in Italy, adopting methods based on the values of Italian craftsmanship: manual skill, tradition, attention to detail and quality of processes and materials.

Tessilidea produces fabrics by means of its own looms. This represents a height of management in quantitative and qualitative terms, and in the possibility to always be able to satisfy customer requests in a flexible way.

The key to obtain fine fabrics is the use of quality raw materials, the choice of fine yarns, the careful selection of suppliers and collaborators, and the attention to all the internal processing phases. In particular, in addition to weaving, Tessilidea takes care of other processes such as dyeing, printing, embroidery and finishing that give quality and excellence to the fabric.

Innovation is another important value for Tessildea. Innovating means not only seeking originality in the production of fabrics, but also focusing on eco-friendly products that respect health and the environment. For this reason, Tessilidea produces a series of fabrics using organic fibers and eco-sustainable fibers including hemp, cupro and Tencel®.

The attention paid to every single aspect of the production chain allows us to obtain a final result that, by overall value, exceeds the sum of the parts.



Quality control is a normal extension that completes the production chain and reflects a part of the Italian know-how values. A sample is taken from each piece of fabric to monitor elements such as color and dimensional stability. Detailed reports are prepared for each quantity produced and any minimum defects of the piece are reported. Not all companies have internal check.

Tessilidea, carrying out checks on both the raw, and the finished fabric, is always able to offer the quality of products since it applies systematic and precise processes.

The maximum care for each piece guarantees the origin of the fabrics: Italy. This particular attention in quality control has allowed the company to comply with all Italian, European and international legislations.